Laserline EPS 6003 Two Front And Four Rear Sensor Parking System

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Four rear sensor parking system

  * The sensors emit short pulses of ultrasound waves, which then rebound from obstacles within their field of view. The rebounded signals are then received again by the sensors. The central control units then evaluates the time delay of the rebounded signals and interprets the distance of an obstacle.
  * Four 18mm diameter ultrasonic sensors are installed into the rear bumper of the vehicle.
  * Two short range 18mm diameter ultrasonics are installed into the corners of the front bumper.
  * Rear sensors are controlled by selection of reverse gear.
  * Front sensors are activated automatically via the vehicle speed pulse circuit when the vehicle is below 15Km per hour (Depending of vehicle model).
  * An optional switch can be installed if manual operation is required or no speed pulse circuit available on vehicle.
  * Single control unit which processes information for both the front and rear sensors.
  * Single speaker which provides distance information to the driver via a series of tones. As the vehicle approaches an obstacle, the tones become more frequent and remain constant at approximately 30cm from the obstacle.
  * Diagnostic feature.
  * External sensors can be colour coded if required without affecting the performance of the system.

Note: The sensors are designed to detect obstacles in front of them, this means that if a tow bar, spare wheel, bike rack, bumper panel etc. protrude further than the sensors they may be detected. Please consult us if this applies to your vehicle.