Driver Identification

With changes to Corporate Manslaughter Law making Directors and their companies more culpable, and an increasing responsibility towards staff under Duty of Care, there is a greater need to track the driver as well as the vehicle

The Driver ID feature is a complimentary option that can be added to any of our installed tracking systems. 

Driver ID has many uses; not only will it enhance safety by providing an accurate record across multiple vehicles, but it also improves accountability and traceability for speeding/parking fines, which can be almost impossible to prove.  With other benefits, such as identifying which passengers were in the vehicle, and unauthorised usage and the Driver ID option can become a necessary component adding significant value to the standard tracking system.

To compliment the extensive suite of reports, driver hours are included as standard

• Driver timesheet for the day/week/month showing time started/finished/driving and allowing you to ensure compliance with the Working Time Directive
• Identify and be notified immediately if there‚Äôs any unauthorised usage i.e. if the vehicle is stolen.
• Idling/driving time by driver
• Speeding and parking offences by driver
• Time at stops by driver