Stolen Vehicle Tracking System

Tracking and recovery of stolen vehicles, using both GSM (GSM) and Radio Frequency (RF) technology, means that your asset can be recovered even if it is inside a close-sided vehicle, in a multi-storey car park or inside a garage

The service provider can monitor and track any asset on their digital maps. Combined with a RF-beacon the accuracy of the positioning is less than 1 metre, indoors or outdoors.

The supplied and installed asset-tracking unit can be programmed via mobile phone SMS text messages to respond to motion and tampering with a centrally activated alarm. You can even remotely define and set/change parameters such as power management, frequency choice and power, motion sense programming etc.

Each unit sold is fully supported by a freephone national recovery network, capable of reaching any location in the UK within 3 hours, and comes with 12 months recovery included in the main purchase price of the unit.

The unit is totally portable from asset to asset and being wire free, means it can be installed in minutes and placed anywhere on the asset. The result is that there are no wires for thieves to trace back, making locatiion of the unit much harder.

When the unit is in sleep mode, it is virtually undetectable to RF detectors. Intelligent motion sensors and “geofences” that can be programmed into the unit mean that the unit can be left dormant and only come to life when the customer wants to recover their goods.

The unit lifespan is 1-4 years with no need for an external power supply. The service provider will activate, monitor and if needed adjust the tracking unit via the GSM network, given the specifications from the customer.